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Click’n’Roll is a client-focused creative web design studio. We specialize in crafting high-performing, functional websites that drive business growth.

Balance Between Emotions and Logic

Tailored website design featuring intuitive and user-friendly functionality. Our approach is grounded in industry best practices.

A Thorough and Methodical Approach

We thoroughly research the client's niche beforehand, creating a website based on the gathered data. Our process is meticulously coordinated to ensure no surprises along the way.

Simple and Easy to Manage

When creating a website, we use the latest and most reliable development tools. Our websites are optimized for SEO, high performance, security, and easy to use.

We created these websites

Screenshot of Lure Me restaurant website
Screenshot of the langing page for a recruitment agency Povar v Dom
Screenshot of the restaurant website
Screenshot of the website for an accountant
Screenshot of the website for a recruitment agency RABOTARESTORAN
Screenshot of the restaurant website
Screenshot of the website for the online magazine
Screenshot of Le Gosse restaurant website
Screenshot of the landing page for a pest control service
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We care about your website

Attention to detail is key. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your website will adhere to the latest web design and development standards.


We consider all essential SEO requirements to ensure your website is fully optimized for search engines. Your website will quickly appear in search results within a few days.


We ensure that both your website's content and design solutions are optimized to enhance performance and deliver positive results.

Easy To Use

We build our websites on WordPress. This allows you to manage the content of the website without requiring programming expertise.


We take proactive measures to safeguard your website against external threats, implement regular backups for swift restoration, and thoroughly test everything prior to launch.


If required, we can install analytics system trackers (such as Yandex, Google, etc.) on your website to monitor visitor traffic and assess the performance of advertising campaigns.


For the first 3 months after launch, we diligently monitor your website's performance to ensure smooth operation. Subsequently, you can choose to extend our support through our service maintenance package.

Happy clients

We delve deeply into each project and attentively listen to our clients' wishes. Their referrals are the ultimate reward for us.

Our restaurant's website, built "from the ground up", not only meets our design preferences but has also become a powerful tool for attracting new guests.

Currently, it holds the top position in search results among French restaurants in Minsk and accounts for over 25% of all reservations.

AntonNemirovich, chef of Le Gosse restaurant

Anton Nemirovich
Le Gosse Restaurant

Our first project was completed in just 2 weeks, and the speed and quality were so impressive that we immediately sought their services again.

The result? User-friendly websites with outstanding landing pages that attract 70% more clients. We continue to work together today, and I highly recommend them!

Nina Makogon, owner of RABOTARESTORAN recruitment agency

Nina Makogon

I approached Click'n'Roll web studio with a pre-designed landing page for PPC. In just a few days, I received the website I wanted.

Over the two years of using the website, I haven't encountered a single issue. I'm acquiring new clients, and my business is flourishing. I'm thoroughly pleased with the results!

Alexandr Melnik, owner of SanDes pest control service

Alexandr Melnik
SanDes Service

Website design process

The website development is a complex process that requires careful attention from both parties. The quality of the final outcome hinges on the extent of engagement.


Filling Out the Brief

The client develops their project vision: outlining the tasks and website functionality. They articulate their ideas in the form of a technical brief.


Signing the Contract

All crucial details - including cost and payment terms, deadlines, obligations, etc. - are outlined in the contract. With a handshake, we commence our work.


Planning and Analysis

We research the business sector, define the target audience, analyze competitors, and formulate the website concept.


Design and Layout of the Homepage

We create and design the main page of the project on our subdomain. We finalize the approved version.


Design and Layout of the Entire Website

Designing and developing the remaining pages. We finalize the approved version and conduct thorough testing.


Launching the Website

We move the finished website to the client's hosting, configure it for optimal performance, and initiate the launch. Let's roll!


What you wanted to know, but hesitated to ask.

How much does a website cost?

What are the payment terms?

Payment is made in three stages. The first stage is 40% of the total cost after approval of the homepage design. The second stage is 40% of the cost after approval of the entire project design. The third stage is 20% of the cost after transferring the website to the client’s hosting and launching it.

How can I pay?

You can pay by bank transfer to the developer’s account or by online payment using a bank card.

What is not included in the price?

The price does not include payment for the domain (website address) and hosting (server for hosting the website on the Internet). The domain and hosting are paid for by the customer independently, with any company of their choice.

Do we sign the contract?

Yes. All details are documented in the contract. We work with individuals and legal entities.

Do you offer a guarantee?

For the first three months, we hold your website “by the hand” and monitor its proper functioning. After this period, you have the option to continue our support through our service package.

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