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Why restaurants need websites when there's Instagram

Seriously! You don’t have to pay for Instagram. And you can even run it yourself without hiring anyone.

A website for a restaurant is not a replacement for Instagram, but an additional source of attracting guests to your business.

Let’s do the math and calculate how many guests must eat at your restaurant for the website to pay off.

searches made per month for "restaurants near me". Add another couple of millions for other restaurant related searches.
$ 1
is an average cost of website hosting and domain name per year. It also depends on tools used to create a website.
$ 1
is the cost of a restaurant website built with our own fully customizable template.
per year must visit a restaurant with an average check of $15 to fully pay off the website.

Templates for restaurant websites




for a template-based website

*We charge in BYN. See rates here.

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What you should know about creating a website

Creating a website based on our template takes 3 days or more. Restaurant website development with custom design will take 14 days or more.

The template includes 5 pages, filling the website with provided content, SEO, and adding Google Analytics. Additional charges apply for structural changes to the template (e.g. adding new pages). Website hosting and domain name are not included.

You can pay online for our services. We accept Visa/Mastercard bank cards.

Yes. All of our websites are SEO compliant. We also add schema markup to boost your SEO.

The most popular searches are related to contact details, address and menu. 90% of visitors look at a restaurant’s menu online before visiting it. In addition, the website should have information about the restaurant, links to social media, as well as high quality photos of food and interior.

We provide free website maintenance for first 3 months. After that, you can apply for monthly care plan.

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